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Holy shat, I’m leaving for Dallas tomorrow morning. My days here in Barcelona have felt like they’ve gone by so fast, but also really slow at the same time. I remember my first day here like it was yesterday….

Today was just full of “last times” and goodbyes.



Last time strolling on La Barceloneta and eating Bo de B on the sand. I actually dipped my feet into the water today! And it was hella cold….worth it though.

Ah…I’m going to miss being able to get gelato just about anywhere I go. Last pastry and cafe con leche in Barca.

  Last time turning onto my street and walking into my home away from home. Goodbye Carrer de Viladomat, will miss your pastry shops, convenience stores, and chinos.

"Proxima estacio: Rocafort"

Mushrooms of the Incarnation of Seville

Today was my last day of school here in Barcelona. I’m going to miss it! 

No longer will I have to wait for the metro, and take two trains to get to school. Nor will I have to look longingly at the “Dunkin’Coffee” across the rail tracks, and not buy any because I know it’s overpriced and I’m too lazy to walk around to the other side.

Am going to miss walking out of the metro onto Passeig de Gracia and seeing gorgeous buildings on my way to school. Oh, and no more passing by the Ferrari store and feeling too out-of-place to ever walk in.

Luulz, had to walk under this construction everyday. Loved seeing pieces of wood and other random stuff falling down and hitting people. 

Aaaaand here we are:  UAB Eixample campus.  A pretty small building that lacks enough room and facilities for all of the students, but I guess you can only do so much with so little land.

Mmm….definitely going to miss stopping by this bakery before or after school to get some yummy pastries.

One of the cutest videos ever. Saw this in my Intl’ Marketing Strategies class, gotta love Professor Gabriel Izard. =]

Placa de Espanya en Seville

Although school doesn’t end until tomorrow, I’M DONE WITH FINALS!  No more exams, papers, presentations, or trying to figure out what my Spanish-speaking professors are attempting to ask me.  I’m going to miss school here though.

Despite the crappy technology and lack of computers at the Eixample campus, going to school in Barcelona has been a good learning experience.  I’ve met lots of different people from all over the world just by interacting and working with my classmates, and have learned so much from my professors.  Yeah you could say that school here is less rigorous than back home, but I think I’ve been able to learn more here because all of my classes require a lot of participation and application.  I actually know how to use what I’ve learned in real life! =O  

Tomorrow I will be saying goodbye to the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona.  Well, I still need to go to the main campus to buy a freakin’ hoodie.  WHY CAN’T THEY JUST GIVE US ONE? Le sigh.

Won’t be needing this binder/folder anymore. 

Have grown fond of taking notes on graph paper.  Think I’m going to continue doing so when I start school again at UTDallas.

Gotta love nature.

Mt. Vesuvius